Is Your New iPhone Hazardous to Your Health?

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Happy couple of travelers sharing music on holidaysUnless you’ve been hiding in a cave, you probably heard all of the hullabaloo about the new iPhone. Apple eliminated the headphone jack in their newest smartphone model, sparking controversy among iPhone devotees. Now, instead of plugging any brand of headphones into their phones, users must purchase the brand’s wireless earbuds (called AirPods).

Most of the outrage centers on the expense of the AirPods, along with the lack of choice. Apple, of course, defends the move, saying old-fashioned wired headphones are becoming obsolete anyway.

No matter how you personally feel on the subject, the public might be misplacing their concerns. The price of AirPods is really the least of our worries! Some health experts, including neurosurgeon and natural health expert Dr Russell Blaylock, cite increased exposure to wireless radiation as the true concern with these products. As Blaylock says, “The Bluetooth technology adds significantly to the radiation exposure as it is not only in close approximation of the temporal lobes of the brain, but it remains in the ear for many hours”.

For years now, many health experts have expressed concern that cell phones and other wireless devices might contribute to our growing rates of cancer. But now, we’re becoming even more dependent on wireless technology, as wired devices are increasingly replaced by wireless versions. And in the case of Bluetooth ear buds, that radiation is placed right next to your brain – often for many hours per day.

It might take years to realize the true effect of using all of these wireless devices. In the meantime, how can the average consumer protect themselves? In the case of the new iPhone, you can purchase an adapter that allows you to keep using wired headphones and ear buds rather than the wireless versions. Don’t use your phone when the signal is weak, because it increases power (and radiation exposure) to boost the signal. And of course, think twice before allowing your child to use wireless devices. Their brains are still developing, and could be more susceptible to the problems caused by radiation exposure.

Finally, consider installing a special Cell Guard that will help reduce the negative impact of the electromagnetic radiation that radiates from your cell phone. Give us a call, or shoot us an email, and we’ll be happy to explain how the Cell Guard works to help safeguard you from the effects of wireless radiation.

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