Wireless Radiation in Your Home or Office – You Might Be Surprised!

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Do you have any idea how much wireless radiation you could be exposed to, every single day? In this short video, you will get an idea of how much radiation surrounds a typical work space. If you work on the computer, or even just in a building that has wireless internet access, you need to watch this short demonstration.

According to clinical research from the BioInitiative 2012 Report, negative biological effects from radiation exposure can begin at relatively low levels. Researchers have associated microwave and radio frequency radiation with disorders like autism, ADHD, sleep disorders, multiple schlerosis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, SIDS, epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, chronic pain, breast cancer, malignant melanoma, and other illnesses. And yet, the radiation levels around the typical desk area can range from 30 to 3,000 times that threshold!

Check out the above video to see the exact radiation readings one independent researcher found in his own home. Then, contact us to learn how you can use a special chip to mask potentially harmful wireless frequencies, so that you don’t harm your health or endanger your family by using wireless devices.

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