Why is Water the Key to Anti-Aging?

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The four essential components to human life are air, water, food, and shelter. And yet, the ready availability of these things means we often don’t think about them on a daily basis. And worse – we may even neglect some of our most basic needs, such as hydration.

Do you ever forget to water your house plants? You may have noticed that they quickly become dry, shriveled, and unhealthy. But assuming you correct the problem soon enough, watering helps them to bounce back to vibrant health within days.

rainYour body is not at all unlike those plants! In fact, water serves the same functions in our bodies. But because we have lost touch with nature, we tend to fill up on dehydrating coffees and sodas. The end result is that we walk around chronically dehydrated, looking and feeling very much like a sick house plant, and over time this takes a terrible toll on our health.

Proper hydration is actually the key to living a longer, healthier life. Why? Because water is essential to every function in the body. What do you think happens to cells when they are deprived of water? They shrivel and weaken, and don’t perform at optimal levels. And when cells – the building blocks of our bodies – aren’t performing, that means our health is declining.

You probably knew that water is essential to flushing toxins from your body, digesting your food properly, and can help you maintain a healthy weight. But did you know that your brain is mostly water? Did you know that water is a key element in proper circulation?

Adequate water intake helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, health conditions related to obesity, kidney stones, and common everyday complaints such as headaches and constipation. As we age, we become more prone to all of these problems, and yet drinking enough water is the simplest way to ward off disease. Adequate hydration has even been shown to improve memory function and cognition, two more ailments that we commonly associate with aging.

We are all going to grow older, and at some point we will all show signs of aging. But there is one thing you can do to promote healthy body functioning for as long as possible, and that is to simply drink enough water each and every day.

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