What’s Up With the “Cleanse” Trend?

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Every time you log into Facebook, watch TV, or chat with a health-minded friend, you probably hear about these “cleanses” that everyone is doing. But you already eat a pretty healthy diet, so what’s the deal? Do you really need to “cleanse”? Or is this just another silly fad?

No matter how responsibly you eat and exercise, you are (like all of us) still exposed to plenty of toxins on a daily basis. We’re talking about things like secondhand smoke, additives in our food, pesticides, air pollution, chemicals in various household and personal products, and more. Even electro-pollution is having a major impact on our natural ability to detoxify.

The point of a cleanse is to address all of these additional issues. Physically, you could gain the following benefits from a cleanse:

  • Remove toxins that build up over time and cause disease
  • Give your digestive system a rest
  • Return to a more alkaline state (preferred over an acidic state)
  • Relieve symptoms of inflammatory conditions, auto-immune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other health problems
  • Increased energy and stamina

A cleanse is worth it just for those physical health benefits alone! However, as you can probably imagine, once your body is healthier your mental state improves too. You will probably noticed some of these additional benefits:

  • You might feel less dependent upon harmful habits or addictions
  • Your focus turns inward, rather than outward (toward food and drink)
  • Self confidence grows
  • A calmer, more peaceful mindset
  • Increased positive mood

Okay, so now you’re really on board… But believe it or not, you stand to gain a few more benefits from a good cleanse. With a healthier body and more balanced mind, it’s no wonder that you’ll look younger too!

  • Glowing, healthy skin
  • You might smell better (due to removal of toxins and return to improved digestive health)
  • A thinner, flatter midsection, due to reduction of belly bloat
  • Weight loss, due to release of toxins from fat cells

Now, no one is saying a cleanse will solve all the world’s problems. However, by removing toxins through a gentle daily cleansing process and experiencing the benefits mentioned above, just imagine all you can accomplish!

For more information on how you can experience the benefits of a simple daily cleanse program, give me a call and I’ll be happy to share how we are helping many live a healthier lifestyle through cleansing.

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