What is MRET and is it the Key to Health?

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iStock_000069080097_SmallWe live in a culture of chronic disease. Illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, mental health disorders, and cancer run rampant through our society. Are human beings really so fragile, that we succumb to one form of sickness after another? Or is something else causing all of these problems?

Scientists like Dr Igor Smirnov believe something else is causing it. In fact, he argues that while we are bombarded with harmful electromagnetic radiation on a daily basis, we are also failing to provide our bodies with necessary hydration. On the one hand, we are weakening our bodies, and on the other hand we are then assaulting ourselves with dangerous electropollution. It’s the perfect storm for the development of chronic disease.

Luckily, there is a single technology that addresses both sides of our problem. MRET, or Molecular Resonance Effect Technology, can provide each cell in our bodies with the hydration they need to resist disease. We already know that well-hydrated cells are healthier overall, and become sick less often. But it isn’t enough to simply drink more water, if the water cannot penetrate cell walls. You see, cell walls are composed of a lipid bilayer, and water molecules cannot flood through that barrier. Rather, water must enter cells one molecule at a time, through openings in the lipid bilayer, or else a “traffic jam” occurs and the molecules cannot get through the cell wall.

MRET devices change the molecular structure of water, so that molecules are arranged in a single file line. Now water can flow easily in and out of cells, keeping them properly hydrated and healthy. MRET water increases hydration, aids nutrient absorption, and decreases inflammation in the body. It has been shown to have antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties.

Now that your body is strengthened by correct hydration, how do we solve the problem of electromagnetic radiation? Yes, MRET water provides protective benefits, but neutralizing the harmful radiation emitted by cell phones, wifi routers, and other devices is also an important key to continued health. MRET provides a solution for that problem as well! Simply installing a small MRET chip on each of your devices will effectively neutralize radiation, and protect you from damage at the cellular level.

For more information on how MRET devices can provide your body with hydration and protect you from dangerous radiation, give us a call. We will be happy to explain more about the technology that can change your health – and your life.

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