Water and Wrinkles – What’s the Connection?

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You may already know that getting adequate water intake is one of the key ways to improve digestion, metabolism, circulation, and overall health. But there is another very important benefit to drinking plenty of water: proper hydration is one of the easiest, and most effective, ways to prevent wrinkles in your skin.

women-mature2Most people tend to forget that the body’s largest organ is not the liver or heart… it’s the skin! Yes, your skin is actually considered an organ. And just like any other organ, your skin is composed of cells that work individually to achieve collective goals. Your skin protects your internal organs, excretes waste in the form of sweat, provides resistance to infection, and a number of other important functions.

All cells, including skin cells, are composed primarily of water. It’s not hard to understand that when deprived of water, our cells would not function at their optimal levels. But of course it’s impossible to look at our livers or kidneys and say “whoops, those cells look dehydrated -better drink some water!”. We can, however, see a noticeable difference in our skin when we aren’t consuming enough fluids. Your skin may lose its healthy glow, and wrinkles become more apparent.

Short-term effects of dehydration. In the short term, cells that are deprived of water may weaken or shrivel slightly. When your skin cells are affected by water loss, it’s easy to see how thin, sagging skin will show wrinkles more readily. Re-hydrating yourself helps to plump up those cells and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Long-term effects of dehydration. If you’re chronically dehydrated, imagine that your skin cells are weakened on a daily basis. Over time, they lose elasticity and can become damaged. Sagging skin wrinkles more easily, and when this problem is not addressed those wrinkles eventually become permanently ingrained in the surface of your skin.

Proper hydration – yes, those eight glasses of water per day that you’re always hearing about – can help you to achieve a more youthful, glowing complexion. Over time, adequate water intake actually slows the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helping you to maintain a more youthful complexion as you age.

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