Top Ten Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

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iStock_000021094519_SmallDavid Letterman has become famous for his entertaining “Top Ten” lists. Unfortunately, the world has lost Dave and his lists, as he has now retired from his long career as a late night talk show host. Yet, the popularity of the “top ten” list lives on! Read on for our Top Ten ways to protect yourself from cell phone radiation/electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs):

10. Limit your time on the phone. Only use your cell phone when a land line is not available, and try to keep your calls brief.

9. Store your cell phone away from your body. When you aren’t using the phone, resist the temptation to wear it in a case on your belt, in your pocket, or even in your hand.

8. Use a headset. This will keep the phone away from your head, and electromagnetic waves are less likely to be absorbed by your brain. GIA Wellness offers an Airtube Stereo headset which reduces radiation by 99% because unlike conventional headsets, it doesn’t contain any metal wires/parts that usually direct radiation towards your head.

7. If you don’t want to use a headset, wait for each call to connect before placing the phone next to your ear. There is no point in exposing yourself to half a minute or more of electromagnetic waves, in particular if the party on the other end of the line may not even answer.

6. Text instead of calling. Of course, don’t text while you’re driving! But in general, texting keeps the phone away from your head and its highly sensitive brain tissue. Make sure to keep your phone in a safe distance away from your body when texting.

5. Don’t use your phone when the battery is low. It will work harder and create a stronger electromagnetic field around it.

4. Prevent and counteract damage with proper nutrition. Your body needs anti-oxidants such as CO-Q10 and a variety of immune-boosting vitamins. Melatonin, zinc, and gingko biloba are also helpful. Of course, a healthy balanced diet is good for everyone, cell phone or not!

3. Don’t use your phone in elevators or your car. You shouldn’t use your phone while driving anyway, but using it in an elevator or other type of enclosed metal location will cause your phone to work harder to catch a signal – and it will emit more electromagnetic energy.

2. Don’t use your phone when the signal is low. When you have only one bar of service, try to postpone any calls that you need to make. Your phone is forced to work harder when service is weak, meaning it may emit more EMFs.

1. Purchase a scientifically validated EMF-Protection device. Placing the patented GIA Wellness Cell Guard on your device has shown to be very effective in resisting against the effects of electromagnetic frequency exposure.

For more information on protecting yourself from the effects of EMFs emitted by cell phones, watch this video:

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