Tips for Promoting Your Business on Facebook

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Facebook offers the ideal online platform for building your business. And yet, your personal Facebook page is not the right place to “sell” your product or service.  This may surprise you, because it seems natural that you’d want your Facebook friends to buy your product or service!  While it is true that you do want your friends to be interested in purchasing your products, using your service, or joining the team, your personal page is not the place to make it happen.  Your personal Facebook page is the ideal place to build relationships, provide value and create interest.  

Young woman pointing to social media concepts on light blue backgroundFirst, let’s build your page. When people visit your Facebook page for the first time they are going to make a determination about who you are very quickly. As you build your personal Facebook page, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Banner Photo:   The Banner should represent lifestyle and not your company.   It Could be a landscape or photo of you having fun with family or friends.  (No Alcohol).   
  • Profile Photo:  Should be a picture of you with a smile.  Make sure people can actually tell that it’s you.  Your photo becomes part of your brand so don’t change it often.   
  • The next thing visitors will look at is your “About” section.  Complete as much basic information as possible.
  • Contact Info:  Must include email.  Also include your website addresses such as blog and/or company website.  Phone number is optional.  
  • “About You” is your Story:  Share why you are in this industry and describe how you help people succeed.    

Now let’s talk about how you use your Facebook page to interact with your target audience. Building relationships is all about communicating on a personal level. People want to get to know you as a real person, so share your life by showing what’s interesting to you.   Use images and some videos whenever possible.  Share quotes that inspire you and post inspirational videos.  Eighty percent of your posts should be of a personal nature and adding value.

You should also read, “Like” and comment on your friends Facebook posts. Reciprocity is important. No one wants to interact with someone who only talks about himself or herself.

Now that you have built a loyal following, between 10% and 20% of your posts can be about your business.  

  • Share success stories from people using your products or service.  
  • Recognize team members for their accomplishments when reaching a new level or doing something above and beyond.  
  • Share information about meetings, conference calls and webinar links.  Let your friends know what’s in it for them if they tune in.  
  • Create interest by showing how much fun you have doing your business.  

The key is to not ask your Facebook friends to buy anything.  Remember, you are creating interest.  Continuous “selling” on your page will turn off your friends very quickly.   

If you use the above “80/20 formula” you will create interest and your friends will begin to ask questions. That’s when you can begin to communicate via instant message or phone – and that’s where the sales will happen! 

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