The Truth About Radiation and Pregnancy

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Waiting for a baby. Close-up of young pregnant woman touching her abdomen while sitting on the couchWhen you’re pregnant, it can be difficult to separate facts from old wive’s tales. You might have heard, for instance, that raising your arms over your head can cause the baby to become tangled in the umbilical cord (not true). You might even hear that you’re having a boy or a girl, based on how you’re carrying, the condition of your hair, how much weight you have gained, or some other factor (and there is no scientific proof to these claims).

But if someone cautions you about radiation, you would be right to pause and think twice about your exposure. After all, wireless technology was not commonplace just ten years ago. Today, we have cell phones, laptops, and wifi nearly everywhere we go. It’s too soon to fully understand the potential effects on an unborn baby.

We know that X-rays should not be performed during pregnancy, because that type of radiation is strong enough to detach electrons from atoms. The impact of everyday wireless technology is likely more subtle, meaning we probably don’t fully understand the effects yet. Experts worry that wireless radiation might affect the way DNA is replicated, or might impair the ability of cells to grow correctly and perform their specific tasks.

Many studies have demonstrated a link between radiation from computers and power lines to miscarriages and childhood leukemia. The World Health Organization classifies wireless radiation as “possibly carcinogenic”, meaning a link between cancer and wireless radiation is suspected, but not fully proven yet. The WHO also states that “overall, the studies on ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) magnetic field exposure have provided some limited evidence for increased miscarriage risk associated with magnetic field exposure”.

No one is saying you should throw away your cell phone and go live in the wilderness once you become pregnant. But since we likely won’t understand the full effect of wireless radiation for at least a few more years, you would be wise to take precautions, especially during pregnancy.

  • Use your laptop on a desk or table – not on your lap
  • Don’t store your cell phone on your body – especially not in your pocket or near your unborn baby
  • Turn off unused electronics
  • Turn off your wifi at night
  • Use a shielding product that will minimize radiation exposure while you use electronic devices

A shielding product neutralizes radiation emitted by wireless devices, and can protect you (and potentially your unborn baby) from negative health effects. Contact us for more information on our MRET chip, which can be placed on every wireless device you own.

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