The Truth About Cancer – MRET Water

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When the Chernobyl incident occurred, as you probably know, the rate of cancer in the surrounding area exploded. And yet, a small subset of people did not contract cancer. We weren’t overly surprised by the number of cancer patients that resulted from the incident, because we understood what had caused it. But scientists were fascinated by this group of people who did not contract cancer… Why were they different? Teams of scientists were deployed to find out exactly how this group of people could withstand such high levels of radiation, seemingly without harm.

As it turned out, the solution was in the water.

It wasn’t that the water cured this group of people. What these scientists found was that a group of people who drank a certain type of water never contracted cancer in the first place. Their bodies had been conditioned to withstand the environmental insults that often result in this insidious disease.

Watch the video below to see how you can mimic the conditions of this water in your very own kitchen.

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