The Six Critical Steps to Facebook Marketing Success

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Whether you’re just thinking of starting a home-based business, or you’ve already begun to change your life, you probably know that Facebook has become a powerful marketing tool for small business owners.

But like most people, you may already have a friend or two is using Facebook to market their services or products. But have you noticed that some of these people tend to engage in outright, blatant self promotion? And have you noticed your reaction to these posts? Most likely, you’re turned off by this content in your news feed, and you might even have “unfollowed” a person or two.

That’s because there is a right way and a wrong way to market your business on Facebook. Those annoying, self-indulgent posts are clearly the wrong way. Here, we will review the six critical steps to Facebook marketing success.

Choose a product or service that you believe in. Your audience will sense your passion for the business, and your positive attitude will become contagious.Young woman pointing to social media concepts on light blue background

Consider what type of information your target audience wants to read. What would they find compelling enough to share? Social media is a user-controlled experience. Your audience members can choose, with the click of a mouse or flick of a finger, what they do and do not want to read. Therefore, the most important part of this process is to choose topics that will interest them.

Create a well-written article or video to share this information. Most small business owners choose to write articles on their blog, but occasionally an idea is better explained by a video. Either option is fine. Just remember to produce high-quality content that captures attention in the first few seconds, and conveys your ideas in a way that keeps your audience interested or entertained.

Post a link to your blog article or video on your Facebook page. Your website will act as your home on the internet, and that is where you will post your blogs or videos. But you can drive traffic to your website by posting links to your content on Facebook.

To increase your reach, spend a small amount of money boosting the post in your local area. An investment of just 15 dollars can help you reach hundreds or even thousands of new viewers. Facebook’s algorithm limits your audience, so you will find yourself counting on “shares” in order to really get the word out about your content. If you don’t want to wait for organic results, and wish to ensure that more people see your posts, Facebook offers a low-priced “boosting” option that will accomplish this goal.

Be consistent. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your home-based business won’t be either. Remember that in order to build your audience, you need to make regular and consistent contact with them. Before long they will be checking your blog for new posts, and contacting you for more information on your business.

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