The Secret to Fix Your “Broken” Metabolism

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Do you feel like you are constantly fighting to lose weight and keep it off? The root of your weight loss problem is your metabolism, and the only way to overcome these difficulties is to reset your metabolism.

So, what is the secret to get your metabolism revving again? Exercise is the one factor that many people neglect. If you aren’t exercising, then your metabolism will be sluggish and you will start gaining weight. Even if you exercise regularly, you need to make sure that you are doing the right types of exercise that will stimulate the metabolism so that you can easily lose weight.

question marksExercise and Your Broken Metabolism

When the body is sedentary, the metabolic functions begin to slow down. You don’t need as many calories to rest on the couch as you need for active movement, so the body adjusts the burn rates to match your movement. If you live a sedentary lifestyle for too long, then the lower calorie burn becomes the normal rate at which your body uses calories.

Luckily, you can rejuvenate the calorie burn rate by increasing your activities once again. The metabolism will slow down within a few days of inactivity, but a few days of activity can revive a slow metabolism. You need to make sure that you are getting your heart rate up, and moving your body regularly in order to maintain a higher metabolism.

Cardio vs. Muscle Building

Cardio is beneficial because you can quickly increase your heart rate and burn more calories. But, body-weight and other types of weight training exercises are actually more beneficial for an efficient metabolism. With cardio, your body burns calories while you are exercising, but the calorie burn rate between exercise sessions goes back to normal again.

When you are focusing on strength training, you burn calories while you are exercising and the metabolism stays boosted between exercise sessions as well. Muscle development helps to increase the metabolism 24 hours a day, so that you can have a higher calorie burn rate all the time. Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be bulking up, because you can focus on toning and still get the same metabolic benefits. So, make sure to include strength training exercises and you will be able to fix your metabolism.

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