The Most Dangerous Place to Store Your Cell Phone

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cell phoneYou might think of a cell phone as a relatively small and low-powered device, since it uses little electricity to operate. However, the signal is believed by many experts to interrupt DNA repair in cells, which is the underlying cause of cancer. Increasing numbers of studies have uncovered links between cell phone exposure and various types of cancer. In some cases, people have developed cancer in the body part most frequently in contact with their phone! For example, one woman who contracted breast cancer carried her phone in that exact spot in her bra. The distribution of the cancerous cells lined up exactly with the shape of her cell phone.

For that reason, it is believed that anywhere on your body is the most dangerous place to keep your cell phone. In particular, you should strive to stay more than six inches away from the emitting antenna as much as possible. One study showed that men who carry their cell phones attached to their belts lost bone density on that side of their pelvis, and other studies have found a correlation between this habit and sperm count and motility.

You might wonder if any damage results from regularly talking on a cell phone. As a matter of fact, one 30-year study in Israel found that parotid gland tumors have quadrupled in frequency between 1976 and 2006. The parotid gland is located inside your cheek, in the area where most people tend to hold their phones. The study even confirmed a greater risk of contracting a tumor on the “phone side” of your face!

Remember, even when you are not actively using your cell phone, it emits radiation throughout the day. If you’re wearing your cell phone on your body all day, then you are exposing yourself to 16 hours of radiation daily. If you’re one of those people who sleep with their phones, you’re exposed to radiation around the clock!

Even the World Health Organization classifies cell phone radiation as a Class B Carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). For this reason, everyone should follow the following advice:

  • Limit cell phone use by children
  • Reduce your own use of cell phones. Keep your phone turned off when you are not using it.
  • Use land lines at home and work.
  • Do not carry your phone on your body.
  • When it is on, store your phone more than six inches away from your body.
  • Use your phone only when you have good reception (it transmits less radiation this way)
  • Follow these guidelines with other wireless devices as well

And the number one safety tip… Use a MRET chip from GIA Wellness to block harmful cell phone radiation. This small device can be attached to your phone to neutralize radiation and protect you. Contact us for more information on MRET chips.

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