The Latest Research on Cell Phone Radiation

Filed under: EMF Energy

For many years now, health experts have expressed concern over potential negative effects from cell phone radiation. As with most other public health issues, researchers required time to study this issue, and to arrive at any sort of conclusive results.

We now have a growing body of research, including thousands of studies on both animals and humans, and an alarming overall message is emerging. Consistently, these studies have demonstrated evidence of DNA damage, problems with sperm count and quality, concerns over newborn health, links to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, and many other potentially devastating health effects.

According to this body of research, the most damage from cell phone radiation might be occurring within the brain. We are seeing increasing links between cell phones and problems with memory, sleep, behavior, attention, and other functions of the brain. The impact upon children – among whom cell phone use is increasing dramatically – is perhaps the most concerning.

Check out the above video for more information on the latest research regarding cell phone radiation, possible impacts upon the developing brain, and much more.

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