The Key to A Home Based Business is Right in Front of You

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Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a retiree, or an ambitious entrepreneur looking for a new opportunity, the secret to extra income is right in front of you. In fact, if you’re reading this article, you’re looking at the key to a successful home-based business right now! All you need to build a career working from home is your computer, a bit of free time, and some digital marketing expertise.

We can safely assume that you have the computer and the time, so let’s discuss some marketing basics. Anyone can learn to use these strategies, and use them to generate extra income or even a lucrative career. And the best part is that you’ll do everything on your own schedule, from any location you choose.

Blogging. The main thing to remember about digital marketing is that the consumer is in charge of your interactions. It’s so easy to say “Nope” and click that all-powerful back button when the content we’re viewing no longer interests us. So the purpose of your blog is to provide information your audience will want to read (or watch, if you choose to post videos).

Analyze your target audience, ask yourself about their needs and concerns, and then reach out to them via your blog. Blogging is one key to getting, and keeping, your online audience’s attention. Over time, your interactions help you to build a trusting relationship, and your contacts are more likely to do business with you.

Email marketing. Email marketing is a more direct and personal mode of communication. When you email your audience, you might feel as though you’re in the driver’s seat of your interactions. But remember, email recipients are still in charge of opening and reading those emails. Remember to make them personal, and use intriguing subject lines.

Many marketers successfully combine blogging and email campaigns. Create engaging, relevant blog posts, and then email a link to your target audience. Tell them what they stand to gain by reading your blog, and invite them to click the link. The point is to offer something they need, in exchange for giving you a few minutes of their attention.

Social media. These days, almost everyone maintains at least one social media account. We get our news, social interaction, product information, restaurant recommendations, and pictures of grandkids on social media. You name it, and it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

This growing dependence on social media means that we use it to make decisions in multiple areas of our lives. Your audience expects to connect with you on social media, and it’s the perfect opportunity to showcase your business. Post regular updates about your products or services, but do it in such a way that you don’t sound like a pushy salesman (remember, the audience is in control). Try the following methods to make your followers want to interact with you:

  • Post pictures relating to your business – customers using your products, or the results of your service
  • Sponsor contests or give-aways, asking your followers to like and share for a chance to win
  • Post invitations to events related to your business
  • Share success stories about your business
  • Ask your followers to “check in” with you on social media
  • Show your personal side – post a humorous story from your day, or share inspirational quotes

Reading the above examples, you probably noticed a trend; you aren’t blatantly advertising yourself, but getting your audience excited about interacting with you. It’s a bit like that old saying: You catch more flies with honey!

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