Startling Symptoms of Exposure to EMF and Wireless Technology

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Technology has brought many modern conveniences into our lives, but is it possible that these common household items are harming your health? Seemingly common items send Electromagneic Radiation (EMR) that we can’t see, and these EMRs are increasing your risk of many chronic illnesses.

cell phone and brainWhat Causes Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR), also known as electromagnetic fields (EMF), is all around us because they are created by power lines, WiFi connections, cells phones, microwaves, computers, transformers, radar devices, home wiring, and other appliances throughout your home. Natural electromagnetic frequencies are emitted by animals and humans, but these frequencies are very different from the frequencies that come from man-made technological devices.

When you are exposed to EMF from technological devices, these strong EMF have a negative impact on your natural frequencies. As a result, a number of health problems can develop, and doctors have suggested that there are many links with EMF and a variety of diseases.

Health Problems from EMF Exposure

The symptoms of EMF exposure might show up in a number of ways, and some of the associated health problems can include: stress, nausea,  memory problems, chest pain, cardiovascular problems, headaches, chronic fatigue, and even more serious issues.

This topic is quite controversial, because additional studies need to be completed to prove the correlation between EMF and many of these health problems. But there are many health experts who are in agreement that the health threat from EMF is real.

Reduce EMF Exposure, Improve Your Health

If you want to drastically improve your health and reduce your risk of the health problems listed above, then you need to take a proactive approach to reduce your exposure to EMF. Even if you get rid of the appliances in your home, you will still be exposed throughout the day. Plus, it’s not practical to give up some of the modern conveniences such as a laptop computer and cell phone.

The best way to minimize the impact of EMF radiation is by using guards that provide a first line of defense. These products neutralize the effects of your exposure to EMF, so that you can reduce the stress that is put on the body’s biofield.

You can use guards manufactured by GIA Wellness, experts in wireless safety, throughout your home or on your cell phone, computer, and other devices that emit EMF. You can even wear a subtle energy pendant, to help reduce the stress caused by exposure to EMF. Taking action to safeguard yourself and the ones you love provides peace of mind in knowing you are doing everything possible to not only survive but thrive in this wireless age,

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