Using Social Media to Build a Business from Home

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iStock_000022494623_SmallDecades ago, starting a home-based business may have sounded like a pipe dream to most of us. But now that the internet allows us to communicate so easily and freely with prospective clients all over the world, running a successful business from home seems much easier to imagine!

Social media is an enormous part of the equation. Through social media, you can locate your desired demographic, start a relationship with them, and run a simple but effective marketing campaign. But since today’s internet-savvy consumers are wary of blatant advertising, you should follow these seven tips to successfully engage your clientele.

1. Consider the one-in-seven rule. The majority of your social media activity should focus on providing valuable content to your target demographic. You should do this by posting links to your blog, where you answer concerns and update your audience on topics relevant to your business. Only one out of seven posts should be used to overtly promote your business.

2. Make sure your audience benefits. If you want your audience to continue following your posts, ask yourself what’s in it for them. Make sure to post tips, advice, useful facts, or special offers that will benefit your target demographic.

3. Start a conversation. People love to be asked about their opinions. Post questions or polls that will engage your followers and get them talking.

4. Reward your audience. Occasionally, challenge your audience by quizzing them on interesting trivia related to your business. Offer a prize to the first person to respond with the correct answer.

5. Offer an incentive for check-ins or testimonials. Each time someone “checks in” with you or your business or writes a testimonial on their Facebook page, their friends will it. Never underestimate the power of subtle peer pressure! When people see that their friends eat at a particular restaurant or shop at a certain store, they are more likely to visit that establishment themselves. The same principle can work for you, if you host parties or seminars, or hold meetings with clients in your home.

6. Change it up. If you belong to multiple social media platforms – for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – avoid duplicating your posts. Don’t use the exact same language across all social media sites, or your followers could feel overwhelmed or bored by you.

7. Make it personal. People like to do business with people that they know. So let your customers get to know you! Social media is the ideal place to display your personality and sense of humor. Share an interesting story about your weekend, or post an important update about your family activities. This will set you apart from dry, self-promoting businesses who work too hard at keeping a “professional” image online. Social media can be a valuable tool for promoting your business – but remember that it should also be fun for you and your followers!

Looking for a way to get your home business up and running?  Give me a call and let’s discuss some options!

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