Social Media is Causing a Home Business Revolution!

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Social media has become more than just a “trend” or a “fad”.  Today it is a powerful tool that has shaped the internet and changed the habits of millions of people throughout the world.  The average American spends 37 minutes a day on social media sites, (and for some that figure is much higher) giving business owners and savvy entrepreneurs a tremendous opportunity to connect with their audience anytime and anywhere.  And for those seeking home business options, the ability to maximize growth, stability, efficiency, and effectiveness is higher now that it has ever been…  all thanks to social media!

Business WomanSocial Media is Integrated into Our Daily Lives

According to, multi-platform social media use is big and getting bigger. It is estimated that 52% of online adults actively use at least 2 or more social media sites. These numbers are growing each year, and social media usage is even expanding into the older generation of people 65 years and older. Facebook is still the most popular social media site, but platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter have also gained a significant number of users in the past year.

Because people spend so much time online, you have the ability to reach them from your computer- at home or from wherever you chose!

What Social Media Can Do for You

Today’s home business owner has a wide variety of options for connecting with potential customers. The internet and online marketing is no longer limited to large corporations with huge advertising budgets.  Literally anyone today can have success using social media to reach and educate their audience, which leads to new customers, repeat sales, and referrals – all of which results in revenue.

The biggest advantage to social media is the ability to build a solid relationship with thousands of people at the same time.  Never before has the small, home-based business owner had this type of leverage at their disposal.  In fact, prior to social media, thousands of dollars would have been needed for advertising to reach the number of people that can now be accessed on social media for a minimal investment.

Today you can connect with more people faster and less expensively than ever before!

These online platforms allow you to connect with prospects and people who are actively looking to learn more about your product, service, company, and industry – regardless of what it may be.  It is estimated that 46% of web users rely on social media to educate themselves prior to making a purchase, which means you can strategically connect with people and provide the information that leads them to a buying decision.

Social media gives the home-business owner the freedom to set their own hours, meet the demands of family, and earn substantial income from the comfort of home.  It provides a mechanism for finding and building relationships with a target demographic and streamlines the process of marketing.   For the forward thinking entrepreneur looking to take advantage of timing and achieve a balance between work and personal life, social media is the place to be!

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