Smart Meters: Safe or Not?

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More and more electric companies are installing smart meters on homes these days. Chances are, your utility company has either made the switch, or will be installing them soon.

If you perform even a brief Google search on smart meters, you will find a variety of opinions on these issues. Some people are absolutely convinced that the smart meters installed on their homes have caused serious health issues, and report a range of alarming symptoms that began just after installation of the device. Others, including many experts, insist that the meters are perfectly safe.

To complicate matters further, a variety of scientific studies have reached varying conclusions on the issue.

Why all the concern? It’s all about electromagnetic fields. The Earth itself has an electromagnetic field, as do all plants and animals living upon it. Human beings have always lived within these fields, and in fact electromagnetic energy is actually a vital part of sustaining harmony in nature. So when we talk about “electromagnetic radiation” it’s important to remember that, despite the alarming sound of the words, it’s not always a bad thing.

The concern lies more in the frequency of this energy. Low-frequency electromagnetic energy travels in long waves, whereas high-frequency energy travels in short waves. In 1952 a German scientist by the name of Winifred Schumann concluded that the electromagnetic energy emitted by Earth is coincidentally on the same very low frequency as that of the human brain. It’s called the Schumann resonance, and the theory states that all life must reside within this frequency.

Smart meters and other similar devices, on the other hand, emit much more high-frequency energy in shorter waves. Since research has demonstrated how low-frequency energy is linked to our mental and physical health, regulates our sleep rhythms, and might even influence how our cells communicate and DNA operates within us, some experts have expressed concern over exposure to high-frequency energy. Will it disrupt our energy balance and cause health problems? Some say yes, while others say no.

It’s up to you to research and decide for yourself.

If you are concerned about smart meters, or believe in the “better safe than sorry” principle, you do have options. Our Smart Meter Defender neutralizes those high-frequency waves of energy, to help protect you and your family against the radiation emitted by these devices.  Contact me if you are learning more about a simple way to protect the ones you love.

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