Protection and Function All-in-One

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Technology has a way of keeping pace with our concerns. The GIA Cell Guard and Universal Guard were originally designed for use on cell phones and other wireless devices for the purpose of neutralizing potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation. It has served as the gold standard for individuals and families who want to protect their health in the digital age.

But of course, technology advances in response to consumer demand. While protecting your health is still your most important objective, like most consumers you expect more of your devices. We’re pleased to announce that our next generation Cell Guard, our Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder, now performs multiple functions. While offering you its unwavering silent protection from electromagnetic radiation at all times, the Pop-Up Holder can also…

  • Maintain a better grip on your phone
  • Offer 360-degree rotation
  • Prop up your phone while you watch videos, Facetime, read, or surf the web
  • Help you take pictures with one hand
  • Provide a convenient spot for wrapping and storing headset cords

In this way, we’ve merged the most popular cell phone accessories with our original Cell Guard technology, for an all-in-one feature that protects your health while providing everyday convenience.

With cellular networks in nationwide markets set to switch over to 5G technology, protecting yourself and your family from electromagnetic radiation is more important than ever. 5G requires the presence of numerous towers within cities, even neighborhoods, in order to work correctly. For the average person, that means you will be exposed to more cell phone radiation than ever before. Short of moving to a remote desert, none of us can really escape this reality.

But again, technology advances just in time to respond to consumer concern and demand. We’ve updated our Cell Guard to provide more function to mobile device users, so that you never have to choose between health and convenience. Since the Cell Guard Pop-Up Holder works on all models of cell phones and tablets, you can maintain protection and function no matter which device you choose to use. Give us a call or send an email to learn more, and we will forward information about how the latest incarnation of our GIA Cell Guard can help you and your family thrive in this wireless age. .


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