A Simple Way to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

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Over recent decades, human exposure to electromagnetic fields of energy has increased exponentially. Those of us who can remember the first family television set are now walking around with cell phones in our pockets. While exposure to electromagnetic energy from any source is never a good thing, most of us cannot escape it these days. We are all attached to our cell phones, and the scientific correlation between cell phone radiation and brain cancer has become alarming.

After years of study in the field of electromagnetic radiation, Dr. Igor Smirnov found an apparent solution to the problem. Cells shut down their membranes in response to electromagnetic frequencies, much in the same way that they react to chemical exposure, leading to disease such as cancer over time. MRET technology neutralizes these frequencies, so that we can avoid harm to our bodies. Cell membranes remain unchanged, and your body continues to function as it should.

When an MRET device is attached to your cell phone, it emits a natural noise field that is superimposed over the phone’s microwave signals. The noise field is carried with the microwave frequency, and it acts as a mask covering the harmful electromagnetic radiation. Now, when your cell phone radiation contacts your cells, the signal is disrupted. Your cells don’t react by shutting their membranes, and damage from chronic exposure is avoided.

The GIA cell guard is an MRET Nylon device, developed by Dr Smirnov, which attaches to your cell phone to neutralize dangerous radiation. Not only does the device disrupt harmful radiation, helping you to avoid damage to your body; it also aids in strengthening your body’s biofield against stress.


Call us for more information on the GIA cell guard, and find out how making one simple change can help you avoid the devastating effects of electromagnetic radiation.

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