“I Can’t Do This… I’m Not a Salesman!”

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Multiethnic Group of People Socail Networking at CafeBeing your own boss, working on your own schedule, and starting a home-based business sounds like the ideal way to make a living, doesn’t it? And yet, people often say things like, “I’m just not a salesman”.

Are you sure about that? Think about the following scenarios:

You post a recipe on Facebook. Several of your friends see the recipe and think it looks delicious. By the following evening, four of your friends have hit up their local grocery store for the ingredients.

You take your kids to see a movie, and post on Twitter about the experience. All of your 473 followers see your rave review of the family-friendly flick, and about a third of them think it sounds like something their kids would also enjoy. By the following weekend, 42 of your Twitter followers have taken their own kids to the same movie.

You find a great sale at a department store in the mall, and excitedly tell several of your closest friends about your bargains. The next day, three of them have spent a combined total of over 500 dollars at the same store.

Still think you aren’t a salesman? Sure, you didn’t receive a commission from these sales, but the grocery store profited. Movie theaters across the country received business you sent to them. And that department store sold over 500 dollars’ worth of merchandise due to your word of mouth advertising.

You might not think of yourself as a salesman, but you certainly made some sales! All you did was recommend products that you loved, and your friends and social media followers picked up on your enthusiasm.

What if you could talk about products you love on social media, and actually get paid to do it? In reality, that is the basis for a lot of home-based businesses, and it’s something you already do anyway! If you enjoy finding and using quality products, and you frequently share those great finds with your friends, then you are already a salesman.

You just aren’t getting paid for it…yet.

Still not sure you can start a successful home-based business?

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