MRET Water – The Secret to Cancer Prevention

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After the 1986 Chernobyl accident, no one was surprised when the cancer rates in the region increased dramatically. But what did surprise area doctors was a small subset of people who did not contract cancer. What was different about these people, and how did they escape the terrible fate that befell so many others around them?

Smoky Mountains WaterfallA team of scientists, including Dr Igor Smirnov, visited the region to investigate. What they found surprised everyone, and led to some shocking conclusions about the development of disease in the human body.

All of the people who did not develop cancer were drinking water from the same source. In this case, the phrase “there’s something in the water” applied quite literally! There did indeed appear to be something in the water – or something about the water itself – that prevented the development of cancer.

After retrieving samples of the spring water drunk by those who did not get cancer, Dr Smirnov discovered that the way the water molecules were arranged seemed to be the key difference. As the water in this region flowed through rocks, its molecules were arranged into a linear, single file structure.

So how does this single-file structure benefit the human body? In 1993, two American scientists won the Nobel Prize for describing aquaporin channels in cells. These channels allow water to flow into the cells, at a rate of several billion molecules per second – but the molecules are best absorbed when they enter the cell in a single-file line.

It was a major “lightbulb moment” for Dr Smirnov! We already knew that well-hydrated cells could cure themselves, whereas dehydration weakened them and made them prone to disease. Now Dr Smirnov understood why some bodies were able to heal themselves, whereas many others could not. The secret was in the molecular structure of the water.

Next, he developed MRET water – or Molecular Resonance Effect Technology. When exposed to a low intensity, weak electromagnetic signal, the molecules in water line up perfectly. In clinical trials, mice who were fed the MRET water experienced half the amount of cancer seen in a control group, and lived a 70 percent longer life span.

So, how can the average person reproduce this technology in their own home? The answer is simple. Call us for information on creating your own MRET water, and properly hydrating your own body.

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