8 Ways to Slim Down Before Summer

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You know summer season is coming, and you want to look your best. So, naturally, you know that you need to cut back on calories and exercise more.

But “cutting back on calories” is a fairly vague goal, and without a specific weight loss plan most people don’t succeed for long. The following changes are concrete, attainable goals that anyone can accomplish once they have decided to do it. Try a few of them, and you can slim down before summer arrives.

Switch up your carbs. While a low-carb diet is helpful to many people, you don’t necessarily have to give them up entirely. What you should do, though, is switch out processed white flour for unrefined carbs, such as oats, brown rice, and whole grains.

Cut out alcohol. A single cocktail can contain hundreds of calories, and unfortunately the body recognizes (and processes) alcohol as sugar. So, cut out alcohol entirely, or at at least limit yourself to a little wine or light beer. These contain fewer calories than sugary cocktails.

Drink black coffee. If you absolutely need a caffeine boost in the morning, ditch those high-sugar, milky lattes and cappuccinos. You’re using up too much of your daily calorie allotment on a drink, and the sugar only causes you to crave more sugar in a few hours. Drink black coffee or unsweetened herbal tea instead. In a few weeks, your taste buds will adjust, and your old preferences will taste way too sweet.

Ditch the juice. A lot of people drink juice because they equate it with fruit, which is healthy. But you’re getting a higher-sugar, lower-fiber “version” of your favorite fruit, and it’s lower in nutrients, too. Most of the nutrients in many fruits are concentrated in the skin.

Try the Mediterranean diet. Swap out some of your usual fare for a diet rich in lean protein, olive oil, whole grains, and vegetables.

Eat soup for lunch. The combination of liquids and solids is a great appetite suppressant, and you can lower your carb intake while increasing your vegetables.

Focus on veggies. Speaking of vegetables, try the three-quarters rule. At each meal, fill your plate three-quarters full with vegetables. The rest can consist of a lean protein, and a small amount of carbs.

Change your portions. We have the tendency to eat everything on our plates, regardless of whether we’re still hungry. The solution: Switch to a smaller plate (so it still looks full) and serve yourself slightly smaller portions. Even if you cut back portion sizes by ten percent, paired with a few of the above tips, you should gradually notice a difference in your weight.

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