Is Your FitBit Doing More Harm Than Good?

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Wireless technology has been around for years, but these devices have really taken over our lives in the past decade. We use our phones to stay in touch, our laptops for business on the go, our tablets for shopping and reading, and now many of us stay attached to our FitBits or other similar devices on a daily basis.

We’ve come a long way in the past decade, and these technologies appear to make our lives easier, more convenient, and even healthier. You might love your fitness armband, because it motivates you to work out and stay in shape. But could your FitBit be doing more harm than good?

In 1996, the World Health Organization established the International Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Project to examine scientific evidence of a harmful link between EMFs and adverse health effects. Twenty years of research has uncovered a possible link between wireless technologies and cancer, leading the International Agency for Research on Cancer to classify EMFs as possible carcinogens. Other research has demonstrated a possible link between EMFs and low sperm count in men, neurological damage in children, and other negative health outcomes.

It may be years before we fully uncover all of the dangers of wireless technology, but here is what we know now: Many leading experts recommend that you keep wireless devices several inches away from your body at all times. And when you do use these devices – because face it, they’re practically unavoidable these days – we recommend that you install a special chip which neutralizes harmful radiation. It’s important to use this chip with each wireless device in your home, especially the ones that you use frequently.

As you can see, your FitBit might be the worse offender when it comes to wireless devices. Not only do you keep it close to you at all times during the day; you actually wear it on your body! These devices are brand new, and we haven’t had time to study the possible health effects of wearing a wireless device all day, every day, but we can reasonably conclude that you shouldn’t be using these devices without the appropriate chip to block harmful radiation. So give us a call today, and we’ll show you how you can make your device safer while still enjoying the fun benefit a fitness armband provides.

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