Is This the Missing Piece to Your Health?

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In recent years, the concept of holistic health has become more recognized and accepted in the medical community. We understand that mental and emotional health, for example, are linked to our physical health. We understand that stress can weaken the immune system, or that depression can give us very real physical symptoms.

iStock_000068466231_SmallBut what about your financial health? At first glance, you might think that finances have nothing to do with health. But looking more deeply into the evidence, it’s easy to see that your financial health is intricately linked to your overall well-being.

According to a new survey from Consumer Affairs, money worries can serve as a significant distraction in the workplace. Financial distress is linked to lower productivity, a diminished work environment, increased turnover in workers, higher rates of absenteeism, and decreased health. On the other hand, employers who implement financial wellness programs see enhanced productivity, better attendance, increased job satisfaction, and improved employee health. Health care costs even dropped.

Consider this potential cycle: You’re having trouble paying your bills. You’re worried about the mortgage payment, the water heater just broke, and your child needs a few hundred dollars for summer soccer camp. You’re distracted at work. You feel stressed all day, every day. You get sick. You miss work. Your job performance lags, causing you to miss valuable bonuses or promotions. Now you’re even more stressed about money. It can become a vicious cycle!

Financial wellness programs emphasize initiatives such as:

  • building awareness of your own financial situation
  • establishing financial goals
  • becoming empowered to change your own behavior
  • learning to make informed choices that help you reach your goals
  • finding a balance between living responsibly today, and planning wisely for tomorrow

Some employers offer these programs in the workplace. But if you’re concerned about your financial wellness (and your overall health), you can address these objectives for yourself. What better way to take control of your goals and future, than to start your own home-based business? Whether you view it as a way to make extra money on the side, or as a full-time career change, taking direct control over your income can be the best way to lower your stress and increase your satisfaction with work (and life!).

We can help you establish a home-based business that addresses your personal financial goals, and helps you become healthier overall. Give us a call, or shoot us an email, and we can explain the process to you.

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