How Do You Know Your Social Media Campaign is Working?

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The new opportunitiesYou’ve heard social media will help you grow your business, you’ve put in some time building and managing your profiles, and now you’re wondering how to measure the return. We hear you! As easy as it is, you still want to make sure you’re doing it right, and that your time is well spent.

The most important part of evaluating your social media campaign is to first set the right expectations for it. Is the phone going to ring off the hook with new customers exclaiming, “Hey! I loved your last blog post. I want to buy your products”? No… probably not, at least not very often.

What you will see happening are these types of scenarios:

Your phone rings, and a potential new customer asks you questions about the last email you sent them.

A Facebook friend comments on a blog post, and asks some questions. (Keep in mind, everyone viewing the post will see your answers)

You notice that your Facebook posts have been shared by some of your followers, and their friends are “liking” the post. You gain new followers.

You receive an email asking you to clarify some information you shared on social media.

…and so on.

Social media isn’t usually a deal closer. It is better used to open doors, meet new prospects, spread information, and get more people interested in what you do.

The best salesmen know that they can close a lot of deals, if they can just get people to give them a moment of their time. Getting over that hump, and getting the attention of your prospects, will often be the hardest part of selling your products or service.

And that’s what social media can do for you! Now that you know exactly what to expect of social media, look for the above signs that you’re reaching more prospects online. If any of these scenarios are happening to you, your social media campaign is working. You’re reaching many more people than you would offline, and opening doors to many more opportunities.

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