Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Is it Real?

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Telecommunication mast TV antennas with blue sky and white clouds in the morningIf you’ve seen the new TV show, Better Call Saul, or even just heard of it, you might have noticed the “buzz” about electromagnetic hypersensitivity. One of the characters on the show -Saul’s brother, Chuck – has left his job at a legal firm, lives without electricity, and wraps himself in a shiny “space blanket” to ward off radiation from Saul’s cell phone.

Some fans of the show simply enjoy the comic relief provided by Chuck, but others identify with his predicament. The concept of electromagnetic hypersensitivity was not invented by the show’s writers, but is a real phenomenon reported by people all over the world. Those who believe they suffer from the condition experience highly unpleasant symptoms any time they are exposed to electromagnetic fields from televisions, WiFi routers, cell phones, and other electrical devices. Some sufferers of the condition have even removed themselves from society, living in EMF-free zones without modern conveniences.

On the other hand, some critics of the condition claim that it is merely psychological. Citing the “nocebo effect”, these critics believe that the symptoms are caused by the subject’s ingrained belief that electromagnetic fields can harm him or her.

If you or someone you love experiences the symptoms of this mysterious disorder, such as headaches, nausea, aches and pains, or difficult concentrating, you might feel insulted by the nocebo theory. While is is difficult or impossible for anyone else to observe your symptoms, you know what you’re feeling! More to the point, you might also know how much better you feel when you enter an EMF-free zone. That says a lot.

If you or anyone you love is experiencing symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity, there is a safe and easy way to protect your family. Contact us for details, and give yourself peace of mind while the rest of the world debates the origin of the condition on social media.

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