Do You Know the Truth About Cell Phones and Cancer?

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Modern human beings, as we know ourselves, evolved into existence about 200,000 years ago. For all of this time, we have walked the Earth in relative harmony with nature.

Over generations, our bodies gradually adapted to our surroundings. In most cases these adaptations were positive ones, but on occasion we have developed negative reactions to something in our environment. Usually, we have time to slowly change in response to our surroundings. But in the case of electromagnetic fields, human beings have been subjected to a sudden onslaught of radiation. Every day our bodies are exposed to an invisible form of poisoning that didn’t even exist just one generation ago.

A strong correlation has emerged in scientific research, linking cell phone radiation to brain cancer. See what Dr. Igor Smirnov has to say on the subject, and learn about the simple device that can protect your family from harmful electromagnetic fields.

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