Direct Sales Movement Offers New Opportunities to Stay-at-Home Parents

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A few decades ago, you might remember your mom hosting Tupperware parties in your home, or your dad going door to door selling encyclopedias. These were common ways for parents to earn a living, while enjoying a flexible schedule that allowed for the demands of child rearing.

Young woman working in home officeThose old ways of selling products are mostly extinct. But today’s stay-at-home parents are finding new opportunities through direct sales on the internet. In fact, these opportunities far surpass those offered to previous generations, both in potential income and flexibility.

Imagine never having to set foot outside your door, or hosting elaborate parties. What if you could use your laptop, phone, and internet connection to build a successful business in your own home? That’s exactly what many stay-at-home parents are doing now. They are harnessing the power of the internet to earn extra income from home – in many cases providing the primary income!

The direct sales movement utilizes social media, your existing connections, and new connections that you build to create a lucrative home-based business. Parents are enjoying more time with their children, flexible schedules, and enough income to provide a stable life for their families. And they’re doing it all through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even email – social platforms they already know how to use!

The best part is that direct sales is a truly “work from home” experience. The internet has changed the way we all do business, allowing us to reach customers in other states and even other parts of the world. There is no need to knock on doors or arrange your schedule around parties. And obviously, your sales market is not limited to your hometown, allowing for unlimited growth potential.

If you’re looking for a flexible, home-based business opportunity, iFit might be right for you. The only requirements for the job are ambition, a friendly attitude, and a little digital savvy!

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