Children are Especially Vulnerable to EMF Radiation

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Two interested little girls using tablet computerAs the “back to school” season gets underway, you might notice a new addition to your child’s classroom. Increasingly, schools all over the country are adopting the use of laptops and tablets, and even allowing smart phones to be used in class. Students are provided with a wifi connection, and are allowed to use their devices – sometimes provided by the schools – to research topics for class projects.

Utilizing updated technology in our schools sounds like a terrific idea. And yet, many educators and parents have reported alarming changes in children who spend their days in wifi-enabled classrooms. Lethargy, headaches, palpitations, and even rashes have been reported in children whose classrooms have been equipped with wireless internet connections.

In Great Britain, Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe has changed the focus of her career to study electromagnetic fields, and serves as one of the country’s top advisors on the subject. She travels the country, speaking to teachers and other professionals on the dangers of EMFs. While some scientists believe studies on EMF exposure have been inconclusive, Dr Mallery-Blythe presents plenty of evidence to the contrary. In fact, she believes EMFs to be responsible for an increase in brain cancer and neurological disorders in children. You can watch part of a recent presentation below:


Children are believed to be more susceptible to EMFs than adults. Because of their thinner skulls and higher water content of their bodies, a five-year-old child absorbs 60 percent more radiation than an adult. Alarmingly, a 2008 study found a five-times increased risk of glioma (a form of brain cancer) in those who begin cell phone use before age 20. If age at first use is indeed a significant factor in the development of glioma, we may soon see a dramatic increase in the cancer as today’s generation of technologically-savvy children grow into adulthood.

We do have ways to protect ourselves from EMF radiation, so that your children can access a world of knowledge via the internet while also staying healthy. Contact us to learn more about mitigating the effects of EMF radiation.


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