Can Network Marketing Provide Retirement Income?

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Active seniors having fun and running through the autumn forestDitch your 9-to-5! Start your own business! Be your own boss! Work on your own schedule, take control of your life, and earn a generous income!

Maybe you’re someone who has heard these claims from friends/family throughout your long career in a more “traditional” job. While they’re always tempting, you haven’t ever gotten up the nerve to start this type of business. But now that you’re thinking about retirement, maybe your viewpoint has changed.

You aren’t alone: According to the AARP, about one half of all Baby Boomers are interested in starting their own business. Considering the fact that the average 50 year old has only about $50,000 in retirement savings, and knowing that Social Security was never meant to provide all the income you need in retirement, it goes without saying that you need to find another way to support yourself once your primary career has ended.

Aside from the obvious need for additional income, Network Marketing companies offer another benefit to Baby Boomers who are exhausted with the corporate grind. Most who choose a Network Marketing company make their selection based on a heartfelt belief in the products or lifestyle. These companies don’t offer merely a job to do and a paycheck to earn, but a way to make a difference for other people. For those worn out by decades spent staring at cubicle walls, the social opportunities and sense of fulfillment offered by Network Marketing can be a breath of fresh air.

After all, no one wants to enter retirement feeling depressed, worn out, broke, and jaded about their life’s work. By starting a Network Marketing business now, you will have time to build a healthy, lucrative second career before retirement. And you could enter the best time of your life with extra income, rewarding work, and fun social connections that last throughout your golden years.

Best of all, most companies require a minimal financial investment to get started- especially compared to the start up costs of a traditional business. All you need is a great product, a desire for extra income, a positive attitude, and a dash of passion – and you could build your own business from home that will sustain you for the rest of your life.

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