Berkeley Passes Cell Phone Radiation Ordinance

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iStock_000048536048_SmallWe’ve been hearing the warnings about cell phones and electromagnetic fields(emfs) for years now, and yet government officials rarely have much to say on the subject. Until now, the issue has been left to private citizens to research for themselves. Those who haven’t heard about the danger of emfs, or disregarded the information when they did hear it, are left unprotected.

The city of Berkely, California is seeking to change all of that. Beginning in August, all cell phone outlets in the city are now required to inform consumers of the possible danger of electromagnetic fields emitted by their products. The required warning states that by carrying a cell phone on your person, “you may exceed federal guidelines for exposure” and that “the potential risk is greater for children”.

Yes, you heard that right: There are already federal guidelines in place regarding radiation from cell phones! If you’re surprised, it’s because like most Americans, you had no idea these regulations existed. But just as we label our food or place various warnings on other products, cell phones really do come with warnings. Service providers simply don’t mention them in most cases.

Studies in other countries have linked cell phone usage with conditions ranging from low sperm count to brain cancer. But in the US, studying the health effects of cell phone use has been nearly impossible due to FCC rules on radiation testing. According to the Environmental Health Trust’s Senior Advisor, Dr. Robert Morris, “they should get the FCC to change its requirements for radiation testing. They cannot do this because, if phones were tested next to the body, they would be found to emit too much radiation to pass current standards.” In other words, we can’t test the effects of cell phones upon our bodies because the studies are considered too dangerous to conduct ethically!

The ordinances in the city of Berkely certainly do not seek to limit anyone’s ability to purchase or use a cell phone. But city official do feel that their citizens have the right to be informed of potential risks. Dr Morris would likely approve of the new regulation, as he has already concluded that, “improving consumers’ access to warnings about potential risks, warnings that are already in the phones, is a no-brainer”.

Of course, knowledge is only half of the battle. While we all wait on better safety regulations on handheld devices, reduce your usage, and contact us for more information on how you can protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation from cell phones.

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