11 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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The holidays are a time for gifts and surprises… But most of us don’t want any “surprises” when we step on the scale in January! Use these eleven tips to celebrate wisely, and avoid gaining unwanted pounds throughout the holiday season.

Avoid the “holiday graze”. At this time of year, you might find extra goodies in your office break room, and your neighbors might gift you with festive cookies or homemade candies. It can be easy to lose track of how many snacks you’ve grabbed, when they’re sitting out in the open. At home, keep the goodies put away so that you don’t face constant temptation. In the office, grab just one or two treats and then stay at your desk.

Stay active. Don’t give up on your regular exercise routine. Schedule holiday events and outings around your top priorities, not the other way around.

Go easy on the cocktails. We tend not to notice the calories contained in drinks. But since many holiday cocktails can pack hundreds of calories each, it would be wise to limit your intake. If you do enjoy a festive beverage, stick to plain wine or a light beer.

Balance your nutrients. Include a serving of protein at each meal, to keep your blood sugar levels more even between meals. Also, remember to consume enough fiber in the form of fresh produce, to keep you feeling more full.

Plan active outings. Take the kids out for a walk or bike ride, offer to walk your neighbor’s dogs while they’re visiting family, or teach your family an easy line dance.

Speaking of fiber… At buffet-style gatherings, fill up your plate with the veggie and fruit options first. You’ll feel more satiated, and less likely to overdo the carb-heavy, cheesy options.

Use a smaller plate. This classic strategy is still one of the best ways to keep your calorie count low at parties and buffets.

Create lighter versions of your favorite holiday dishes. A little research can teach you how to swap out higher-calorie ingredients with healthier options in some of your favorite dishes. Remember to use tasty herbs and spices, so that you don’t have to compromise on flavor.

Continue to manage stress. Stress throws off hormones that regulate fat storage and appetite, so continue with your regular stress management techniques. And remember, it’s okay to say no to a few things if your schedule gets too packed.

Remember your water. It can be easy to forget something as simple as water, when you’re rushing around from one place to the next. Carry a large bottle of water, and sip on it regularly to prevent dehydration and cravings.  GIA’s i-H2O can help you achieve a higher level of hydration.

Consider supplements.  Using high quality nutritional supplements from GIA Wellness can help to curb your appetite, cleanse your body, and improve your energy levels throughout the holidays.  All of these factors can help your overall well being and aid in maintaining optimal weight.

A bonus tip: Weigh yourself more regularly during the holidays. This isn’t meant to stress you out, but to keep you accountable to your lifestyle goals. If you weigh yourself every other day or so, you won’t receive an unpleasant shock when the season is over.

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