Are Your Children Protected From This Invisible Danger?

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As parents, there is nothing we desire more than to protect our children. We research car seats, we install security cameras, and we make sure we know where are our children are, at every second of the day. But what if one form of danger lurked all around us, all of the time, and we completely ignored it? That might be the case with electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which weren’t really a concern when most of us were growing up… But they are a concern now.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), EMFs from devices such as cell phones are “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Many countries in Europe have already issued warnings about the effects of wireless devices on infants, children, and pregnant women. Cancer is the top disease-borne killer of American children.

And yet, we can’t exactly engineer a study to conclusively prove the link between EMFs and childhood cancer and deaths. How could we? We would need a large group of people willing to expose their children to a high level of EMFs, which would be highly unethical, and a group of people whose children were never exposed to EMFs, which is improbable in today’s world. So, we must go on what we know for now: That many leading scientists, doctors, and organizations have released cautionary warnings regarding EMFs and childhood exposure.

The problem is, EMFs are already all around us. You probably have WiFi in your home, and you visit restaurants, hotels, museums, libraries, and other locations that offer it. WiFi, smartphones, and more are even in your child’s school. So what can you do about it?

Limit close contact. Keep baby monitors, phones, wireless routers, and so on at least three or four feet away from  your child.

Use a wired internet connection when possible. 

Don’t let your child play on your smartphone or tablet. If you do, put it on airplane mode and let them play installed games or videos.

Turn off your WiFi router at night. Assuming you sleep about 8 hours, just this one step cuts your child’s exposure by about a third.

Watch where you store your phone. You don’t want to stash it in your baby carrier, in the stroller pocket, or (for nursing moms) in your bra!

Reduce your own usage. Set a good example for all children, from toddlers to teenagers, by using your devices responsibly. Limit your own screen time, and turn them off when you’re not using them.

Avoid “smart” appliances. Try to resist the temptation of the smart TV. A regular TV and plenty of DVDs will satisfy any child.

Get outside more. This is the number one thing most parents can, and should, do. Encourage your child to play outside more, away from distracting and potentially dangerous technology. It’s a good habit for more than one reason!

Get a chip. We understand that wireless devices, and the radiation that go along with them, are not going away any time soon. Like it or not, they are a part of our lives now. But you can take steps to reduce your family’s exposure, and even neutralize harmful radiation that lurks around us. Contact us to learn more about our Cell Guard, which can be easily installed on any wireless device to neutralize the effects of electromagnetic radiation.


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