A Surprising Source of EMF Exposure

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Bringing you news on the risks of EMF exposure is one of our primary goals. While we focus quite a bit on the risks within your home and office, a new source of EMF exposure has come to our attention. With the ever-increasing level of technology offered within new cars, we must also face the truth of the potential downside of all that convenience.

If you purchase a new car today, you will notice that many models come equipped with cameras, electronics within the seats, Bluetooth stereos, WiFi, keyless entry,  large display screens, and more. These features are certainly fun to have, and can provide a certain level of comfort, but they also mean a greater level of EMF exposure. Since riding in your car essentially means that you’re sitting inside of a metal box, you’re subject to radiation that is not only better contained, but is also bounced around inside the vehicle. The level of radiation is essentially multiplied, a phenomenon known as the Faraday cage effect.

Aside from the technology included in most newer-model cars, hybrid and fully electric options present another source of radiation. While these vehicles are terrific gas savers and potentially good for the planet in other ways, they do include large batteries. And unfortunately, that means even more radiation.

The most common (known) symptoms of EMF exposure include:

  • mood disorders, depression, and anxiety
  • infertility (for both males and females)
  • heart disease
  • muscle pain
  • childhood cancers
  • brain cancer and glioma
  • and more

You might be surprised to learn that EMF exposure is also linked to sleep disorders and drowsiness. According to a study by the Scripps Clinic in California, a high amount of radiation inside vehicles caused drivers to fall asleep 52 minutes sooner than drivers not exposed to the same levels of radiation. Drowsiness is certainly not something any of us want to experience on the road! Clearly, EMF exposure inside vehicles presents both short- and long-term health concerns.

So, how can you reduce EMF exposure in your car? The obvious solution is to choose a vehicle with fewer electronic features, and of course, avoid using your cell phone in the car. Beyond that, you might also be interested to know that our Car Harmonizer was designed for the specific purpose of neutralizing the excessive levels of EMF radiation inside vehicles. Since it is not always possible to avoid all forms of EMF exposure, or to trade in a particularly concerning vehicle, addressing the radiation itself may be a good solution for many. Contact us to learn more about the Car Harmonizer, and we can help you determine whether it will help with your situation.




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