9 Ways to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

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In the course of our lifetimes, we’ve transitioned from a world in which clunky “car phones” were the coolest, most futuristic invention, that only a few lucky people owned… to a world in which pretty much everyone carries a cell phone at all times.

That’s a lot of change in such a short time. And, like many drastic societal changes, we won’t understand the full scope of the ramifications for probably decades to come. We might one day look back at this time and see that we were putting ourselves in unreasonable danger, particularly where electromagnetic fields are concerned. That’s because each cell phone emits radiation, and we’ve very quickly adopted the technology without considering the consequences. But if you’re worried about radiation from your cell phone (and you should be), there are some ways to protect yourself.

Don’t wear your phone. Don’t put it in your bra or a pocket, or wear it on your belt or armband. If you do need to carry your phone this way, put it on airplane mode whenever possible.

Use the speaker mode. Holding the phone close to your head poses another danger. When you can, take phone calls on speaker mode.

Reduce Bluetooth use. Bluetooth headsets emit the same kind of radiation as cell phones, so you aren’t really helping yourself by using one. One exception is the Handsfree Airtube Headset, which was designed to reduce radiation exposure during use. Wired headsets are also better than using a Bluetooth device.

Keep in touch another way. There are other ways to communicate, that are safer than talking on a cell phone. Landlines are still as safe as ever. Or, you could use Skype from a desktop computer.

Turn off your phone. When you’re not using it, turn it off. This is particularly important for nighttime. You can save yourself eight hours of radiation exposure by simply turning off your cell while you sleep.

Use the airplane mode. If you’re just using your phone to listen to music or you’re letting a child play games on it, use the airplane mode.

Place your phone on a nearby table. If you’re texting someone, set the phone down between texts. Keep it at least a foot away from your body.

Look for a good signal. If you can, only use your phone when you have four or five bars of signal. It’s not having to work as hard to hold reception, and therefore will emit a little less radiation.

Use Cell Guard Case or Cell Guard shielding device. We can actually shield ourselves and neutralize the impact of electromagnetic radiation from our cell phones with a special Cell Guard Case or Cell Guard device. Contact me and I will forward specific information about these two critically important cell phone safety technologies.


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