8 Weight Loss Tips to Shed the Quarantine Pounds

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Did the stay-at-home orders turn into weight gain over the last couple months?  If so, you’re not alone!

Here are a few tips on how to shed those unwanted pounds…

Review your eating plan for the week. Writing it down is even better, because taking that action will support your commitment. Write down your eating plan for the week, prep your meals and snacks, and focus on what you are eating instead of what you aren’t.

Allow yourself a little wiggle room. Choose something that you really enjoy, like your favorite desert, and go ahead and plan to live a little. Allow yourself a reasonable portion of your favorite food once a week, but then move on.

Add an extra workout this week. Make it something fun, that the whole family can enjoy. Maybe you can take an extra walk one day, or you can all take a hike together. Check here sandiegodownsizing.com/. Playing outdoor games with the kids counts, too!

Focus on what you can have, rather than what you can’t. Continue to meet your servings goals for fruits and vegetables, and snack on healthy foods rather than chips, candy, or your favorite drive-thru.

Stand up. Avoid sitting; stand up and move instead.

Avoid drinks. Cocktails are packed full of empty calories from sugar, but they aren’t very filling. Find here In His Mind, Belgrade. The act of chewing actually signals satiety to your brain, so opt for crunchy foods and fiber-rich produce over liquids.

Consider a meal replacement.  GIA’s “LEAN Vanilla” is a great tasting way to start your day with the nutrients you need while avoiding the calories you don’t want.

Remember your water. And of course, remember your water. Stay hydrated with GIA i-H2O so that your brain doesn’t confuse thirst signals with hunger cues.

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