7 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus

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The coronavirus outbreak has overwhelmed news outlets lately, and many of us are feeling concerned about the potential epidemic. More importantly, you might be wondering how you can avoid contracting the illness.

First, let’s clarify what coronavirus is and is not. Coronavirus is not a brand new discovery that spells doom and gloom for the planet. This class of viruses has been around for a long time, and they are some of the most frequent culprits behind the common cold. Coronaviruses are nothing new, but this recent strain seems to be a bit stronger than the usual.

As with most coronaviruses, the so-called Wuhan strain causes upper respiratory symptoms and can lead to pneumonia. The pneumonia is the concern here; most patients recover from Wuhan coronavirus just fine, but those that contract pneumonia suffer more serious illness and do sometimes die.

It’s important to remember that the death rate from the concerning new strain of coronavirus has hovered around two percent. That’s high, but not necessarily a cause for panic. The best thing you can do is support your immune system, so that if you do encounter the virus your body will be able to handle it without serious complications.

Wash your hands often. Viruses like the flu and coronavirus spread primarily through contact with surfaces. An infected person touches a door handle or gas pump, for example, and then you come along behind them and touch the same object. Washing your hands often is still the best way to prevent the spread of germs.

Don’t touch your face or eyes. Try to break the habit of touching your face or eyes without washing your hands first.

Hydrate correctly. A dehydrated body is stressed, and immune function will be impaired. Make sure you’re hydrating yourself by drinking plenty of water, and that your water is of high quality so that cells can absorb it efficiently.  GIA Wellness iH2O helps your body to achieve maximum hydration.

Continue eating a healthy diet. Eating five or more servings of fresh produce per day, meeting your protein requirements, and avoiding sugar are key elements to building a healthy immune system.  GIA Wellness supplements can assist you in getting the best possible nutrition.

Get plenty of sunlight. Sunlight prompts your body to generate vitamin D. Lack of sunlight and vitamin D is one of the reasons we tend to get sick more often in winter.

Get adequate sleep and avoid stress. Stress impacts the immune system negatively and leaves you vulnerable to infection. Make sure you’re getting eight hours of quality sleep each night, and address your stress via exercise, yoga, meditation, or other methods that work for you.  Try GIA Wellness iRest for a natural sleep aid that helps your body to achieve optimal sleep.

Avoid areas where coronavirus is spreading rapidly. Health officials recommend that we avoid travel to China until the Wuhan outbreak has passed. Recently they added South Korea to the area of concern.

And of course, if you believe you might have contracted coronavirus, proceed to your doctor right away. Most cases are mild and the patient recovers just fine, but support and appropriate care are key to preventing the worst complications.

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