7 Ways Social Media Can Jump Start a Home Business

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iStock_000039905142_SmallSocial media is such a huge part of our lives now, that it’s hard to remember a time when it didn’t influence everything from our hobbies to our financial decisions! In fact, social media is so powerful that many entrepreneurs are using it to start booming businesses from home.

When you engage the right audiences with valuable content, social media can launch a fledgling business to success. The trick is to establish credibility and inspire your audience to interact with you, without engaging in blatant self promotion that turns them off to your brand.

So how do you do that? Really, it boils down to a few simple rules.

Ask questions to start a conversation. Ask your followers to share their opinions or vote on a particular topic. People love to express their thoughts, and you’ll receive valuable insight into your demographic at the same time.

Post trivia questions. Offer a small prize for the first person to give the correct answer. Doing this will spark conversation and engagement, but it will also help you to inspire customer loyalty.

Offer content that benefits your followers. Ask yourself, “what’s in this for them?” before you expect your audience to interact with you. Laptop computers, smart phones, and tablets put control of the conversation in each user’s hands. If your audience isn’t interested in what you have to say, they simply won’t click on your posts or reply to them. So, offer them valuable tips via your blog or special offers through coupons and specials.

Reward your audience for check-ins. You might think of “check-ins” as something people do for brick-and-mortar businesses. But your followers can still “check in” with your business when they use your products and post about them, by tagging you in their posts. Offer a special incentive for check-ins, and your business name will reach each person who follows your audience members’ posts.

Avoid duplicate messages. If you post on multiple social media platforms, don’t use the exact same posts on each site. This makes you appear less original to those who follow you on all channels, and could annoy your audience or cause them to unfollow you.

Remember the one in seven rule. Avoid blatant promotion of your business. Remember, you are promoting yourself by posting useful, engaging content, but it isn’t obvious or annoying to your audience. One in seven posts can be a more direct request for business from your followers, but make sure the other six posts are truly valuable to them in some way.

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