5 Ways to Reduce Back Discomfort

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If you’ve noticed an increase in back soreness lately, you might wish to visit a doctor to rule out an injury. Otherwise – or if you know you haven’t injured your back – the issue could be due to postural problems or shifted habits. Try these five methods to address your back discomfort naturally.

Sleep in the right position. Stomach sleeping can strain the lower back. Side sleeping can also contribute to back discomfort, but might be appropriate if you use pillows to support your hips and neck correctly. Ideally, you would sleep on your back because this is known to be the best position for reducing back soreness. Also, consider whether it’s time to replace your mattress and pillows.

Consider your work environment.  If you work at a desk, make sure you’re sitting in a supportive chair with both feet flat on the floor. Your computer monitor should be positioned straight ahead of your gaze, and your hands should hover comfortably over your keyboard. If anything feels “off”, adjust the height of your desk, chair, or monitor accordingly. You might also consider  a standing desk.

And remember: Slouching on the couch with a laptop is definitely the worst position for your back!

Get up and stretch. If you do spend hours per day at the computer, set an alarm to remind you to get up and stretch regularly. Once per hour is a good target goal.

Tone your core (abdominals). Often, we overcompensate for a weak core by using our back muscles inappropriately. An exercise routine that targets the core muscles will help you hold correct posture throughout the day, and take the strain off of your back.

Use a back brace. The Gia Smart Sleeve Back Brace supports your back, helping you maintain correct posture. The brace is designed with cutting-edge materials for ultimate comfort, and won’t slip and slide as you wear it. Three-dimensional compression offers optimal joint support for all types of activity.

But that’s not all; this is no ordinary back brace. The Far-Infrared fiber transfers energy in the form of heat, so that you enjoy the sensation of soothing warmth. The Energy Resonance Technology helps your body to increase resilience to the effects of everyday stress.

Want to learn more? Contact us about the Gia Smart Sleeve Back Brace, and we’ll help you decide if this solution will solve your back troubles.


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