4 Ways Facebook Can Launch Your Home Based Business

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Business WomanIf you’re considering a home-based business, one of your primary questions might be, “Where am I going to find my customers?” After all, you might be launching this business on a small budget – and isn’t marketing expensive?

Actually, no. You’re probably already using one of the most powerful marketing tools available, and it’s absolutely free! You can put your Facebook account to work, helping you reach your target demographic and form relationships with potential customers. You can do all of this from your home computer, and with relatively little investment of your resources.

Use visuals. As your Facebook friends scroll through their news feed, photos and videos are much more likely to catch their attention. Visual evidence is also extremely important when you’re marketing your business. Rather than make seemingly baseless claims about your product, let your photos or videos speak for themselves! Your audience will be much more interested in a product or service that is already proven to them.

Target your posts. Due to Facebook’s algorithm, all of your posts won’t show up in the news feeds of all your followers. But the site does offer you the opportunity to create targeted posts via your business page. Rather than relying upon luck, or random distribution of your posts, you can select a specific audience to view your content. Facebook has already done the hard work for you, and has gathered demographic information on all of your followers. Plug into this wealth of knowledge, and you can ensure that the right audience is viewing your posts every time.

Get creative. Check out what the competition is doing, and set yourself apart from the crowd by creating more unique content. Remember, the point of creating content is to gain and hold the interest of your audience. So how do you do that? Be more interesting! Check out the “trending topics” on Facebook so that you can see what everyone is talking about lately. Incorporate those keywords into your posts if you can. This might require some creativity, but it will help you get more attention from your audience.

Monitor your Insights. Your business page will include an “Insights” section. Insights will give you statistics on how often your audience engages with you, and help you to see which posts are popular. Do more of what works, and tweak your methods when you see that something doesn’t work.

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